Which direction should a wall calendar not face according to feng shui?

The basics of feng shui

What is feng shui?

How does feng shui relate to wall calendars?

Feng shui and wall calendars

Key takeaway: According to feng shui principles, a wall calendar should not face the entrance door or any other sharp objects, such as a corner or a window sill. The ideal placement is in a neutral corner, away from the main flow of energy in the room. Facing a wall calendar in the wrong direction can bring negative energy and affect the overall energy flow of the space. Feng shui cures for wall calendars include adjusting the placement, using symbols to enhance the energy of the room, and being mindful of the direction in which the calendar is placed.

The ideal placement of wall calendars

The negative impact of facing a wall calendar in the wrong direction

Common misconceptions about feng shui and wall calendars

Feng shui cures for wall calendars

How to adjust the placement of a wall calendar

Tips for enhancing the energy of a room with a wall calendar

Feng shui and wall calendars in the bedroom, living room, and office

Recap of key points

The importance of considering feng shui in daily life


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